Originally Posted by: www.artofbeingamom.com
Date: September 22, 2015


I’m so happy with my new Zojirushi airpot! Any time I need hot water I have a ready airpot for my hot choco or my cup of noodles. I was thrilled to get rid of my old thermos and trade it in for this sleek hot and cold dispenser.

With a thermos you have to carry it and pour and when it’s full it can be very heavy. With my new Zojirushi Airpot I just have to line up my mug or bowl under the dispenser and press. Yes, these little things bring me joy.

It’s surprising that I hadn’t know about this particular brand considering that they have been in operation for over 90 years. Their product line includes rice cookers, bread makers, vacuum bottles, and lunch jars.


The features include a high quality vacuum glass liner that keeps the contents hot or cold for hours at a time and a stem stopper and removable lid that opens a full 125°. It has a safety lock so it can’t be opened by kids easily.


The Zojirushi hot and cold dispenser also has a lock on top so that water will not be dispensed unless it is on Open. It’s still best however to keep this out of reach of small children.


The Zojirushi specs include:

  • Smooth pump mechanism and swivel base
  • Brew-Thru® stem stopper
  • High quality vacuum glass liner with excellent heat retention
  • Removable lid opens a full 125°


Zojirushi products are available at SM Home // Robinsons Department Store // Crate & Barrel // Ansons Makati // Abensons // All Home // Fair N Square // Rustan’s Dept Store